Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hipstamatic (again) / Otter Point

Some new reference books. Mr. Adams made no secrets of his life’s work. I think it important to honor him and read it.
Books, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
I went out with the Hipstamatic this morning and tried some new things. I held up a tele lens with a filter taped to it. For this shot, I held a DOT +2 close up filter in front of the Hipsta.
Tele lens, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11

The perfect solution would be a sturdy case that threads in things like filters and lenses. As soon as I thought of it, I recalled an aluminum mount that holds your phone. It comes with a 37mm lens attachment and a wide angle lens that takes 49mm filters. Four separate tripod mounts and a cold shoe footing would be a lot of fun.

This hunk of metal will set you back some. Could be money well spent to tinker with physical additions to the most fun camera in my bag. Check out the enthusiastic video review. I will reiterate David Byrne's True Stories line, “Things that never had names before are now easily described... makes conversation easy.”

In this case the mount is called, sigh, yes, here it comes: owle bubo. I’m not making that up. Sounds like that Beastie Boys song about 40 thieves. I understand the need for unique names though. (I went there elsewhere.)

Here are two shots of a beautiful madrone tree in the neighborhood whilst holding up the lens/filter rig.
Madrone, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
Madrone, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
Richard Feynman was a brilliant physicist . This particular clip sums up my attitude about the beautiful flower below.

“He knew the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”
Flower, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
Climb, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
It was bound to happen eventually: I didn't have that great of shoot with the Instax 210. It was a little too cold for instant film, or perhaps I was over zealous not having shot in what, weeks now. It seems that the Instax loves light. Tonight was a dim sunset. I hadn’t planned to go out; one does get tired of shooting sunsets. I learned that using my 1.7x tele lens on the Instax makes a big vignette. Kind of neat to add that extra glass to the instant film camera. I don’t mind the vignette (insert scan eventually).

The Hipstamatic was really fun to shoot at Otter Point. It was the first time I've tried it there. The images from this camera are a challenge for readers expecting big beautiful pictures all the time. It's too bad that my SEARCH tool is at the bottom of the blog. If you type in “Otter Point” down in it, you will likely pull up a gazillion normal/beautiful shots from this special place. Like this one, from 9/12/10.

Tonight I didn’t even feel like pulling out any other camera, just the Instax and the Hipsta. Fun!
Otter Point, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
I'm finding Alfred Infrared to be more useful than I first realized. I will be talking much more about infrared imaging soon.
Otter Point, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
South towards Gold Beach.
Otter Point, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
West towards Sapporo Japan.
Otter Point, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/10/11
The resolving power of the tiny phone camera does leave some want for more. Aaah, the i4. Where can I get one without a stupid contract? The prices at ebay are complete insanity! $500 + GAAAAA$900 shipping? Most 32g models are selling in the cool thousand US dollar range. My intolerance for phone contracts and the absurdity of the prices makes it clear that I will by tarrying on with the 3G for a while yet. So, the owle bubo will be on it's way shortly.

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