Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Sparkly!

An amazing day. Shorts and short sleeves. Huh? February? Did I sit all day at the computer? No. Did I spend most of my day talking about cameras and photography with folks? Yes! It's much too much to write. So I will let the pictures speak. Dslr and the kit lens, VR off.

Hey Ian, I forgot to add this film. Port Orford is so cool! Not only did I forget to include this film in my list of filmic (upcoming) references, this movie has been cycled through my blogs 2/22/2010 and 4/18/07
Savoy Theater, Port Orford, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
Myrtle creek at Arizona Beach; Humbug stands sentinel
Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
Arizona beach, Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
From Ben's Viewpoint.
Andrew D. Barron ©2/03/11
More about this soon! A story of lost, hope faded, and found, but in very bad shape. I may be shooting 35mm soon after all. This shot from August 21, 2010:
Andrew D. Barron ©8/21/10

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