Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend close

Normally, I'm hands off with the honey bees. Indeed, Warre hives do not have moveable frames. With the nice break in the weather, I moved the hive. This was disorienting for them and there were significant losses (~200+).
Andrew D. Barron ©2/5/11
I pulled this little gal out of the measuring cup. I feed them small amounts in the morning. I would prefer it be honey water, but these days, pure, undiluted honey is rare and expensive. The sugar is Trader Joes organic evaporated cane juice my mom sent up, two parts water, one part sugar. The bottlecaps are something I made up. It's neat to see them encircled with their probosces at the crimp on the cap. The capfuls of feed disappear quickly, so I leave 5-10 a day, and refill once or twice. I don't wish to be feeding them, but this hive has struggled to survive here in the rainy wet 97464.

The foragers are returning loaded with pollen. By early afternoon they are done and they close up shop. Their activity is much improved from the shady spot they were in before.
Andrew D. Barron ©2/5/11
My friends here make amazing food. Tonight was fresh spring rolls, thai style, and soup.
Andrew D. Barron ©2/5/11
Then we piled into the car for a donation screening of North By Northwest. Masterful filmmaking.
Andrew D. Barron ©2/5/11
Andrew D. Barron ©2/5/11
So Sunday arrived, with an errand to the hardware store in Hunter Creek.
Hunter creek bridge: eastern footing, Andrew D. Barron ©2/06/11
Hunter Creek bridge, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/06/11
Hunter Creek, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/06/11
Andrew D. Barron ©2/06/11
I very much enjoy shooting with the Hipstamatic and look forward to my as-yet unrealizable i4 upgrade. There was a great sunset light that lasted for less than 3 minutes. I put the telephoto adapter from a different camera up to the hipstamatic, but missed it. This one's here for the effort and the idea.
Andrew D. Barron ©2/06/11
If you're inclined, I have a work in progress about an artist friend of mine and an instrument I sold to him over yonder.
Andrew D. Barron at the Great Basin Brewery, Sparks, NV, Christopher Kratt ©10/14/06

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