Friday, April 29, 2011

Farewell to drilling

Last day of drilling. Weather over Mt. Emily.

The Chetco still cuts the toe the landslide.

The weather was dramatic all day. Late afternoon clearing.

I could get used to eating the fish tacos at Cielito Lindo, once a Texaco station.

There is a bit of frustration shooting with the infrared D5000. The kit 18-55mm lens is notoriously not sharp, so I tacked on my 35mm prime lens. This lens generates a better image, but there is a circular ghost in the raw images discernible at smaller apertures. When converted to infrared, they requested a variable focal length lens to calibrate, but I would have been better off to have them calibrate with this lens. There is so much to try to understand about IR shooting and I have not spent the time. I just keep clicking away, forming new questions and thoroughly enjoying the spooky quality of IR.

There were amazing clouds all day. As I filled up my tank, this appeared:

I returned to Harris Beach to catch the first sunset in a while. There just hasn’t been enough clearing in the gray to catch one.

This one is like so many I photographed last year. It was really chilly, so I missed the drop at the bottom.

A farewell look towards the west-southwest.

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