Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What A Difference

a day makes. I awoke to uncertain skies in western Colusa county.

There were some surly rednecks who chose to camp right next to me. I was glad for headphones. They hacked up some impressive firewood. In the morning however, it was a serious phone call from the wife, I presume. Though they were belligerent only hours before, they left, with their diesel Dodge tail between their legs. And I scored the rest of their wood. I didn't think it was quite so dry, and boy, did I have me a BONFIRE! It was great. I parked my 'andrew in a tarp burrito' nearby. By the time the full moon was overhead, the wind was howling from the west. It blew my giant wood fire to ashes in a few hours. There were other lame interruptions I will spare you from.
Bring your stones in.

I do marvel at the lameness of people, with near consistent, 'maximum lame.' I suppose that must include me. By mid day, my course was set. I said farewell to East Park reservoir, where I had picked up tons of trash and glass. It was a great stay. Once I checked in with the email, a whirlwind ensued.
299 East. Very early a.m.

Geotech drilling on the Chetco river. Fresh landslide!

And so I pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and became a geologist again (for this week).

Drill rig.

Everything looks quite different through the infrared d5000. Fern, moss, and myrtle.

A surprise of another sort found me as I dealt with my carload in a favorite spot “READ UP!” This little birdie has issues.

With one eye, and some type of nerve damage, I am not optimistic for survival.

The sun was headed down for a great PLOP into the silver fabric void, so I hiked down for a view.


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