Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Don't Know

On March 16, in the middle of the relentless storm, I reached for my navy blue rain jacket and saw this. I left the moth in peace.

Last week I returned the coat for full refund thanks to the amazing return policy at that outdoor store and my unusual choice to leave the tags on for over a year.

I’ve been to Memphis
And where I go,
I love a woman
What I don't know

Lyle Lovett
I’ve Been To Memphis

~3,560 years ago, a city in Egypt became known as Men-nefer, meaning enduring and beautiful. The Greek approximation yielded Μέμφις: Memphis.

Did I forget to mention, to mention Memphis?
Home of Elvis and the ancient greeks.
Do I smell? I smell home cooking
It's only the river, it's only the river.

Talking Heads

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