Saturday, April 23, 2011


There was such a beautiful full moon to the east over East Park reservoir. I had not planned for it though, and went out shooting with the Hipstamatic. The next 3 Hipsta shots are from last Saturday, April 16.

My life amazes me. I once photographed the Chetco River. It was a beautiful shade of aqua. On that day I also finally changed my phone and driver’s license to Oregon; so I became an Oregonian again, and hoped for a long stay. I walked from the DMV in Harbor to Brookings. Just after I snapped that picture and walked across the bridge, I changed my number.

That blog was April 21, 2010; this week, exactly one year ago. When I got the call for temporary work on a landslide, the image of the Chetco surfaced in my memory. It was a long drive back to Oregon to show up working for a geologist I had not met before. There are some images from that first day already posted.

April 20. The next morning (Wednesday), I was surprised by this stone. I am unable to go into the connections right now, but it is a welded tuff from Alturas, California.

South to the Chetco, then up the North Bank road. Geotechnical work is not glorious: split tube sampling on a mud rotary dill rig.

April 21. I met a number of nice guys from the county this week. We all have much more to talk about than we allow under normal circumstances. One of these guys grows 5 acres of cranberries and needs 12 hives at $70 per hive to pollinate. The price goes up for him every year. He likes bumble bees, but there just aren't enough. The bees come from California and are much more aggressive than the bees that he once used. I would like to know why he switched beekeepers, but then again, we were all working at the same time.

The other guy has a son who races cars. Fast, custom built Chevrolet small block engines with 640 horsepower.

These geotechnical drillers seem to me a cut above compared to the rough sort that I am familiar with when I was an gold exploration geologist. Mike at right, was exceptionally hard working and bright. The main driller was shy. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I am not sure if this is the shot, but a piece of the bank collapsed downhill and I watched a 70+ foot tall trees slowly fall into the river, creating a wake up the gravel bed. I haven’t been around a lot of logging, but to watch a huge tree fall into the river by itself was pretty neat.

I do love my old school Vuarnet’s. Here I am near a different slide with drilling mud on the lenses. Sadly, after 8 years, my new use of the glasses is seeing them scratched more and more daily. I think it is the fine grit of the drilling mud. I have been wearing this same frame shape since 1987, when my brother handed down a pair of red Bucci sunglasses in this shape. I went through about five pairs until I stopped wearing sunglasses near 1997. When I saw Dr. DePolo in the field, I got my sunglasses. That was 2003. These "eighties glasses" have amazing lenses, no matter how uncool they have become.

After several long days, I played music with my friends. It was a good night. Oregon’s Senator, Ron Wyden was in the restaurant and thanked us for the music. What a trip! This Saturday morning started off sort of slow, but there were some neat things that happened, including my new manual typewriter!

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  1. Sounds like a satisfying week... Are you sure the shy guy is a real driller? Highly unlikely, I say! ;)


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