Friday, May 13, 2011

Angel Dream #2

Angel Dream no. 2
Tom Petty : She’s The One soundtrack

I dreamed you, I saw your face. Caught my lifeline when drifting through space.
I saw an angel. I saw my fate. I can only thank god it was not too late.

Over mountains I floated away. Across an ocean I dreamed her name.
I followed an angel down through the gates. I can only thank god it was not too late.

(Here is the LX5 doing what I think it does best.)

Sing a little song of loneliness, sing one to make me smile.
Another round for everyone, I'm here for a little while.

(Been a while since I shot one of these.)

Now I'm walking this street on my own. But she's with me everywhere I go.
Yeah I found an angel, I found my place. I can only thank god it was not too late.

(Sunset south of Port Orford.)

I sat there looking at the blogger post screen with no ideas for a blog title. I’m not too clever most days, but today was just blank. So I thought I’d call it ‘Untitled’. That seemed too boring, so then I figured ‘Untitled #4’ like some painter. That immediately brought to mind a Tom Petty song I thought was called Untitled #4. Well, so there you have it. The real story for the lyrical thread of this blog.

I have mentioned the LX5 and the d5000 many times. The d5000 is a very small dslr; keep that in mind. The LX5 is a fairly teeny camera that does great with so many of the photographs I see. Here they are:

The Panasonic G models are more sophisticated kin I may look into.

I remain fond of the Hipstamatic and the Owle Bubo, although I shoot with it less these days. The Owle Bubo is a huge benefit to the iphone and I look forward to a better iphone finding a way into it. I try to find interesting light and compositions for the Hipsta idiosyncrasies. Here is one from April through my sunglasses.

I had a frustrating experience with a beautiful moonrise on April 16. Below, that April moon is barely resolved with the built-in iphone lens.

Though I have changed my opinion a lot about the 3G iphone camera, it is still not a replacement for a camera. It does often take very interesting photographs! (Limited edition Dreamcanvas film)

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