Thursday, May 19, 2011

Infrared Thursday

Rich green grass grows from a decaying propane tank.

Channel swap, red for blue. Infrared skies are one of the main reasons I got into this kind of imaging.

The 18-55 kit lens is not sharp, but the wide angle is fun to use. The 18mm position is 27mm at 35mm equivalent: not all that wide. I left off the distortion control.

Infrared deconstruction. Below, the daisies from my Nikon point and shoot, the P6000:

False color as shot in the infrared D5000. A wide aperture on my 35mm prime lens seems to minimize the infrared hotspot, yet up close, markedly reduces the depth of field.

Black and white from SilverFX:

Today I shot some to understand the effects of Nikon’s Active D lighting in this odd camera. I have yet to gain an intuitive understanding of when to use it. I mostly forget to deal with it. It may come in handy to help differentiate the overexposed greens, such as to the edges of the blades of grass in the very first shot. At least it gives me something to read about.

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