Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hipstamatic Sunday

I wish I could update my Hipstamatic. Today was a day making sure that yes, indeed, my wireless is broken in the iphone. It seems to me a serious drawback to the ‘in app’ nature of the Hipstamatic lens paks. I am eager to get ahold of the 210 update, and also the Shibuya hipstapack for the Roboto glitter lens. Don't know why I didn’t get that one before.

Alas, nothing I could do here restored the wireless in my 3G. So, with the Model 190 in the Owle Bubo, I put on a 1A filter and went outside and shot some. The Bubo takes a 49-52mm step up ring to my 52mm filters, and this sure is handy for iphoneography.

There are quite a few films and lenses that I haven’t been able to get since the wireless died in the 3G in March; the Shibuza, Soho, and Bondi Hipstapacks await! Not to mention the Buckhorst H1. I have yet to explore the simulated flashes in the Hipstamatic at all. I don’t think I have shot any with any flash. Just like my regular cameras. I do like the LX5.

Sunset daisy, max aperture:

Minimum aperture at f/8.

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