Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday’s Song

I miss the clarity of my D5000 images with the 35mm prime lens. That same camera, now converted to IR with the same lens still feels like my old buddy, but takes wildly unpredictable photographs. The irony of it all is not lost on me. After such frustration with the price of lenses, to finally land on the 35mm prime lens. . .which is much sharper than the kit 18-55 lens, but now leaves a big infrared hot spot on the repurposed d5000. Is there always something undone when something is done?

I finally feel the pinch of not having a dSLR. Used D5000s are still fetching $650 in big used markets (like the San Francisco bay area). I was wrong about many things. I was wrong that the d7000 would impact the used d5000 market. I was wrong to assume that the the sharp 35mm lens would work fine on the IR d5000. I was wrong to think that I wouldn’t miss a dSLR. The d5000 was a great choice for IR conversion and it is a solid little camera. The experimental rig was pricey for what I get photographically, yet the learning potential is much wider. If I had to do it all over again, I guess things would be the same.

The simplicity and size of the LX is wonderful. Shooting today, in settings where in the past I was certain to get the shot, I’m underwhelmed by the LX5’s image sharpness. The minimum aperture of f8 is relatively large (the 35mm prime has smaller f22). These numbers may have something to do with the lens and the sensor; is an f8 always an f8? My CCD Sony H1 had an f8 minimum as well, but with great 12x zoom lens; much different than the LX5’s 4x max telephoto. The form factor is the primary difference between the two cameras, with the LX5 being about fifty percent less in size. Yet, who am I kidding? Yesterday I reviewed some of my H1 photos from 2010 and primarily see my own changing photographic style. Changing to a Nikon dslr from years on a megazoom point and shoot generated a shift. Now with the LX5 as a true point and shoot form factor, well it feels a bit like the tiny offspring of my two old main cameras. Perfect. It is really small, fun, and takes wonderful pictures.

Infrared rainbow; red and blue channel swap.

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