Sunday, June 19, 2011

Festival I

I have been shooting a lot. Here is a shot that makes it all worth it.
Mike Compton, Keith Little, Caleb Klauder; Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
Backstage moment Wednesday: Mike Compton, Keith Little, and Caleb Klauder.
Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
First low light success with the Hipstamatic. Mandolin headstock shadow.
Mandolin headstock shadow at night; Andrew D. Barron©6/18/11

I borrowed a Nikon D90 and shot some. I very much preferred that body to my D5000. My buddy Corbin who went to a photography institute.
Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
My buddy Joseph.
Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
Random telephoto with the 80-200 lens that was on the D90.
Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
Mandolin great Mike Compton.
Mike Compton, Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11
Rob and Ronnie McCoury.
Andrew D. Barron©6/15/11

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  1. lots of good stuff here Andrew!! Really drawn to the geese.. and the little kids playing music!! Hope all is well with you!! Keep on Keeping on look forward to your photos!! Take Care of yourself!! Kay!


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