Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reno Failure

Actually not at all; it was a fun night. This collage of lyrics come to mind when I spend time in Reno. I think the last one is mine:
Things fall apart; one minute something’s there and then it’s gone. Everybody hits rock bottom in Reno. You know the nearer the destination the more you’re slip slidin’ away. I see the places in their faces I’ve left and been glad to leave behind.

Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
As often happens; the unexpected. Our Straight Ahead bass player Luke wandered into the bar where my friends played. We got some instruments out and played on the rooftop area. Then we went to a bar called the Red Rock and there was an open mic. Since I had a pint or two too many, I didn’t care about crowd pleasers and played some blues with a Pabst Blue ribbon beer bottle in open G, and then a slew of sad songs. It was ridiculous to attempt Breakfast In Hell, as I plainly found myself out of the song by verse 5 or so. So I played Do Right Woman instead.
Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
The rough livingroom performance from last year:

Sierra street I.
Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
Sierra street II.
Andrew D. Barron©6/27/11
Breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham N Eggs and feeling much better. For some reason, this song has shuffled up as I post this.

Blind Love
Tom Waits

Now you’re gone, and it’s hotels and whiskey and sad-luck dames.
And I don’t care if they miss me, I never remember their names.
They say if you get far enough away, you’ll be on your way back home.
Well, I’m at the station, and I can’t get on the train.

Must be blind love, only kind of love is stone blind love.
Blind love, the only kind of love is stone blind love.
With your blind love, oh it’s blind love, stone blind love.
It’s your stone blind love.

Now the street’s turning blue, the dogs are barking and the night has come.
And there’s tears that are falling from your blue eyes now.
I wonder where you are and I whisper your name.
The only way to find you is if I close my eyes.

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