Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Six One

Downtown Chico, Andrew D. Barron©6/1/11
The end of an era? Professor Berryman designed the CSU Chico logo. I noticed it on the back of the bobcat tearing down the statue.
Downtown Chico, Andrew D. Barron©6/1/11
Downtown Chico, Andrew D. Barron©6/1/11
The June first Film Photography Podcast (FPP) with Michael Raso inspired me as always. Mr. Raso is on a pack film kick again; my experiences (1,2) with pack film were hampered by my inexperience, an old, dirty camera (especially the rollers), and cold temperatures. I was surprised to see that the Film Photography Project store is selling the proper 3V batteries for the old Polaroid cameras at a reasonable price. I had not converted my Polaroid 320 to AA batteries in earnest. I used electrical tape to hold some AAs. I think this produced some light leaks, especially in the black and white, FP1000B film.

The FPP is also giving away a Nikon F 35mm camera on the July 1st episode. I may have to get it together to enter the giveaway for that camera. I will have to listen again for the submission deadline. They mentioned McCartney’s Darkroom, and the 30 second sample is enough for my grade of that song: awful.

I still shoot with my Fuji Instax 210. I have yet to get a self portrait in focus, either with the closeup filter or without. One key difference between the Fuji and my older polaroid is that you can actually focus the Polaroid with a slidey lever thing, similar to a rangefinder camera. The Fuji instax does great with landscape shots, but I have been hesitant to shoot it much. I’d like to go to a city for some street photography with it soon.

I have been listening to Bill Monroe in constant rotation again to get my ears ready for the big California bluegrass festival coming up soon. I have my same assignment this year working backstage. I am comically leery of the 9:00 Sunday morning time slot. Last year I got up from an all- night jam session with Hunter Berry, hunkered around a propane space heater to work. I was a mess, but had a wonderful time.
Andrew D. Barron, 2010 Bluegrass Festival
I am looking forward to catching up with my photographer friend Mike Melnyck, here pictured with Laurie Lewis.
Laurie Lewis and Mike Melnyck, 2010 Bluegrass Festival&copy6/19/10
I am working on Herschel Sizemore’s Rebecca, but that has been the case since 2004; maybe this year I will get it. I am sure that I will need to brush up on Blackberry Blossom, Bill Cheatham, and Cherokee Shuffle. If there is time or room, I really want to work up a rendition of Ashland Breakdown. There was an earlier big push in my photography this year for Bill Monroe’s 100th birthday. I managed to capture a handful of suitable images in 2007. I wrote some about that earlier this year 1 and 2. It would be cool to have a “campground gallery” showing of sorts with that work. I guess all I need to do is order more prints and frame them.

There are always vocal numbers I am working on at this time of year. I am going to bring back a nice little song called Picture In A Tear that Norris used to sing in the Back 40 band. The gospel great The Old Crossroads is going to get a fresh treatment.

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