Friday, July 15, 2011


Sparks water lily, Andrew D. Barron©7/11/11
Ripe bananas?
Reno bananas, Andrew D. Barron©7/11/11
This place is in the same shopping center. A rare sighting: brick and mortar camera store with film on the shelves.
Gordon's Photo Service, Reno, NV, Andrew D. Barron©7/11/11
Two days later . . .
Johnsville flower, Andrew D. Barron©7/13/11
This berry vine was so photogenic as it bent towards the light in the last rays of yesterday’s sun through the tall pines.
Johnsville berry, Andrew D. Barron©7/14/11
I had an interesting experience with a bear. I didn’t see him, but I did find out an answer to the proverbial question. It appears that indeed, a bear does shit in the woods. (spatula for scale)
Bear scat, Johnsville, CA, Andrew D. Barron©7/11/11

There was a full moon on Friday. I put a 1.7x adapter in front of the Instax 210 and got a small white dot for the moon.
Chico full moon, Andrew D. Barron©7/15/11
I got my Sony out of storage. Tinkering with it fresh, I could not believe there is a selectable focus mode. All of those tens of thousands of shots and I never figured it out.

Can you believe that I resized a Sony telephoto shot of the moon and stuck it onto the above Instax image? Best of both worlds.

Today’s revisit has me seeing that my Nikon P6000 has considerably better image quality than the old H1, as it should. Nine cameras, five film cameras. Pictured is my newest: a Nikon N50 35mm camera. Definitely a starter SLR. Got it loaded up with some Kodak 200, expired October 2000. I think I may be able to use it for metering my Konica until I sort out the the mercury battery situation with that camera.

“Get shootin’ Andrew!”
Nine cameras, Andrew D. Barron©7/15/11

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