Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spectra Ordinary

Whale exhales
Whale exhales, Andrew D. Barron©8/19/11
(432mm equivalent with Sony H1; same below)
Whale exhales, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
I got the big idea to tear apart my Sony ZS-XN30 boombox and wire in a auxiliary input for my laptop or music player. It has been a solid performer, but when I got it I was disappointed with the mp3s-off-CDs playback. There is a noticeable delay between songs, a trait shared with the predecessor, I wrote about here. Earlier this year, I picked up a voltage converter at Radio Shack (fuseless 12v->9v, ~1000mA) so runs a really long time from a 12v car battery. Once inside, the radio is thankfully a separate board. I am glad to see the connections marked. I think the GND, R CH and L CH are all I need to connect to the 1/8” female plug. Here is the radio board out of the stereo:
Sony ZS-XN30 radio board, Andrew D. Barron©8/19/11
I have heard of an input jack that is switched; when plugged in, it switches off. A jack like that would allow the radio to still work. Until I round up such a thing, all I know is that the boombox powers up and plays CDs with the radio board disconnected. It will work.

I played around with a new idea, using my 1.7x tele adapter with +2 closeup filters. This setup allows much closer focus with the adapter.
Windshield warnings, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
In Port Orford for a time this Saturday morning. Infrared:
Windshield warnings, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
North of Humbug, there was a recent landslide, so 101 is down to a single lane with an automated stoplight. I had time:
Windshield warnings, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
Okay, now the moment you have all been waiting for. ANOTHER POLAROID!
$1 Polaroid Spectra, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
I had not seen a Spectra system camera before for reals. But earlier this week, a discussion thread at the FPP flickr group announced a film sale and piqued my interest. The sonar focusing system of the Spectra is a really cool thing. I gave $1 for the camera but missed out on the Impossible Project (TIP) sale. Lucky break I figure. TIP manufactures experimental Polaroid integral films. Though the materials are not yet the same as classic Polaroid, they are working on it. It is pretty much the only film for your old integral film Polaroid (sx70, 600 series, Spectra series), unless you wish to shop ebay for expired film.

Today was reminiscent of when I first noticed a pack film Land Camera at a thrift store, so if you’re interested, please review that blog, too. My earlier loop with Polaroids was detailed here.

I read that using a close up filter combined with a tele adapter lens could create a nice BOKEH! I attached the +2 to the Sony VCL-HG1758 on my infrared dslr and got these interesting portraits of the Spectra. The combination made for a very shallow depth of field, and indeed, as far as I understand it, a pleasing background BOKEH!
$1 Polaroid Spectra, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
$1 Polaroid Spectra, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
This camera was made in the UK. Before it was thrift store junk, it was owned by Shootz Production Group out of San Antonio, Texas. Funny tag.
$1 Polaroid Spectra, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11
It’s Our Polaroid Camera

Classic. You guys can have it back if you’d like.
$1 Polaroid Spectra, Andrew D. Barron©8/20/11

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