Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out and About

Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
I crossed over the Sandy river, thinking Bill Monroe’s instrumental, Big Sandy River to the t-intersection, where I saw this:
Bluegrass Show, Corbett grange, Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
I drifted through a thrift store. Joe Pesci, the large format photographer, with a Crown Graphic press camera on laser disc?
Joe Pesci and a Crown Graphic press camera, Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
A quick update on my propane rig. I tried my best to seal the crappy pipe fittings, but the cheap reducer and 90 leaked pretty bad. Knowing what I know, I went to Bi Mart and picked up the Mr. Heater 5’ hose for $20. Still, if I ever get the right parts, the Marhshall Gas Control tube I have looks like it will last forever. I also had some buyer’s remorse because I had not thoroughly checked out the another American made 5# tank by Worthington. I saw it at Home Depot. It is bulkier, with more wasted space in the bottom of the tank like a dome. Still, either tank would be fine, but side by side, for my needs the Manchester tank is more compact. They are both, you know, built like tanks. There was a calculus problem I don’t recall about optimizing the materials for a 12oz. can. It turns out the optimum size is too squat and doesn&Rsquo;t fit in your hand. I”d bet there is something like that going on with the difference in 5# tanks.
Worthington 5# propane tank, Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
Daybreak Tuesday:
Andrew D. Barron©10/11/11
Mickey, Sponge Bob, Spidey, and Elmo take a ride.
No, those aren’t mine. I was giggling out loud as they tumbled around thumping inside the dryer.

Camas moonrise, Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
Liberty theater, Camas, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/10/11
Wednesday morning walk, 2008 iphone 3g baby.
strolling Fisher, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/12/11
strolling Fisher, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/12/11
There is a everything you can imagine spending money on here in eastern Vancouver. Next the Whole Foods, this diner caught my eye because of my recent drive-by shot of a motel by the same name in Redding, CA.
Stardust Diner, Fisher, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/12/11
see? Out the window, 299E, Redding. 9/28.
Andrew D. Barron©9/28/11
It didn’t rain much today. Yesterday sure was a doozy.
Vancouver Sky, Fisher, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/12/11

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