Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autoreflex T (part 2)

I tried out an impressive older negative scanner, the Nikon Coolscan V ED with a 6-frame negative autoloader (A21). Since I’ve been brave enough to shoot with the Konica, I have been using a pile of old expired film. Most of it was 11 years out of expiry (if known at all), sitting who knows where for who knows how long. Combined with the uncertainty of my Konica Autoreflex T and the lack of metering, it seems a small miracle that there are any exposures at all. This Fuji 200 was with me as I departed from Curry county and traveled down to San Francisco.

The propane tank maiden fill up, 9/14/11:
Nesika Market propane fill up, Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
For the propane blog, I included this camera-love shot of the Konica:
Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
Overlook at Sisters Rocks. The emulsion degradation is persistent in this whole roll as small splotches. I like it.
Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
Again at Sisters Rocks; the colors from the scan just look this way. I could probably rein it in to something that looks a little more like the reality of that day, but this how the scanner delivered it.
Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
This looks on the northern flank of Humbug Moutain from the Port Oroford side, mid-September.
Looking south where Humbug meets the sea, Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
The above shot was much like one I took before I had begun blogging as barronphotography. From a time when I was quite clueless about technical photography, here, from December 8, 2009.
Looking south where Humbug meets the sea, Andrew D. Barron©12/8/09
I like the inversion of my camera technology and to see my eye is consistent.

Late September clearing at Euchre Creek marsh, Ophir.
Andrew D. Barron©9/14/11
I was in Orinda, CA on 9/30/11. (That blog).
Andrew D. Barron©9/30/11
I tried a lot of exposures at Hardly Sticltly. I like the quality of shallow depth of field when using film.
Harldy Strictly Bluegrass, Andrew D. Barron©9/31/11
Shooting into the sun isn’t easy.
Harldy Strictly Bluegrass, Andrew D. Barron©10/2/11
The busted focus ring on the 57mm hexanon lens makes it hard to pull focus. Sometimes I didn’t bother.
Harldy Strictly Bluegrass, Andrew D. Barron©10/2/11
The Streets of San Francisco.
Harldy Strictly Bluegrass, Andrew D. Barron©10/2/11

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