Saturday, December 24, 2011

Curry Scurry

Portlandia, Raymond Kaskey©1985
On December 4th, I went to 1120 SW 5th Ave in downtown Portland to photograph the copper repoussé statue: Portlandia.

On December 9th, the moon was beautiful.
Vancouver moon, Andrew D. Barron©12/9/11
I spent three or four evenings here watching live music this month. This image is from one of my first visits.
Laurelthirst, Portland, OR, Andrew D. Barron©12/9/11
I got to borrow a 17-55mm DX lens that goes on my infrared D5000. It is similar to the kit lens but does f/2.8 at the entire zoom range. It is a hulk of a lens. Here is a shot in Vancouver:
Vancouver tree, Andrew D. Barron©12/21/11

So I left the Portland region and made for the southern Oregon coast. There are some very high and very low tides for the next few days. The big lens has an infrared hotspot at smaller apertures.
Curry county tree, east side of 101, Andrew D. Barron©12/22/11
Low tide at Devil’s Backbone. It is time for me to learn just what this camera is imaging with the modified sensor. The 17-55mm lens is sharper than the kit, but not as sharp my $200 35mm DX lens.
Low tide at Devil’s Backbone, Andrew D. Barron©12/22/11
Low tide at Devil’s Backbone, Andrew D. Barron©12/22/11
Compare to the normal tide, here with snow from November 23, 2010.
Snow, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©11/23/10
I set the timer; it is only a 5 second delay.
Goat mountain, Ophir, OR, Andrew D. Barron©12/22/11
Sunset, Nesika Beach, Andrew D. Barron©12/22/11

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