Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lloyd center park, Andrew D. Barron©12/8/11
Things have been very interesting and international lately. I went to a teriyaki place and talked with my nephew on the phone while I waited.
Teriyaki joint in Vancouver, Andrew D. Barron©12/12/11
I looked up and recognized the wall art. Having just the old iphone 3G I snapped this for later reference:
Night attack on Sanjo Palace, Andrew D. Barron©12/12/11
Sideways Instax 210, 1845 NE 40th, Portland, Andrew D. Barron©12/12/11

This restaurant image above is featured on pp.12-13 of Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings. The caption says that the anonymous painting is of one of the most famous battles of the Heiji Rebellion in 1159 between the Minamoto and Taira clans. Night attack on Sanjo Palace.

Some researchers from Europe and America who live in Singapore gave some compelling talks. One brought in Kopi Luwak coffee, the Indonesian delicacy coffee made from beans partially digested through an mammal called a civet. I learned about this bizarre coffee from the film Bucket List, out one night with my friends the Hargis family in Indiana after we had dinner at Hooters upon returning to Kentucky three years ago (January 2008). I don’t have to make up this stuff.

Another talk was about an eruption at the Misti Volcano in Peru with the 14C date of 2ka. This calibrates to an age of 0 calendar years. I enjoyed several stimulating conversations with Dr. Harpel about the Holocene climate implications of his findings.

A new friend here has had a long career as a Quaternary field geologist studying megafloods in the Columbia River system. He is even featured in an episode of NOVA. We met because my desk ornament, the (filmless) Polaroid SX70 is an exact match to his old field camera. Dr. Waitt also photographed his research with countless rolls of film through a pair of Pentax 6x7 cameras and a pair of Pentax 35mm cameras. He has lately geared up with his second dslr, the Nikon D7000. He gave me a book that I am eager to tear into, The Two Cultures, a 1959 lecture from C.P. Snow about the gulf between academic branches of art and science.

Below, Dr. Waitt with one of his mothballed Asahi Pentax 6x7 slrs (photographed with the Nikomat FT2 and TriX400):
Asahi Pentax 6x7, Andrew D. Barron©12/7/11
He also noted that he knew of the Coe statues, gifted to the city of Portland. I had photographed the 1927 George Washington on Sandy, and went to Coe Circle to photograph Joan of Arc. First with the Fuji Instax 210:
Joan of Arc, Coe Circle on Glisan, Portland, Andrew D. Barron©12/17/11
The statue was in disrepair in the recent past but the park was cleaned up and the statue was gilded by Nancy Thorn who owns and operates Gold Leaf Restoration. See her working here.

Joan of Arc, Coe Circle on Glisan, Portland, Andrew D. Barron©12/12/11
I made friends with some other visiting scientists and we all enjoyed a night watching live music. First, country music, and then gypsy jazz. The dancers for the latter were as impressive as the musicians. It was a fun night last night!
CVO InSAR team at Laurelthirst, Portland, Andrew D. Barron©12/19/11

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