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I started to shoot film after a series of things happened, but primarily because of curiosity about older film cameras I was seeing at thrift stores.

I found the Film Photography Podcast as I began to research instant film negative processing. So to commemorate my one year with FPP, I wrote in a note of gratitude to Mike and the gang in New Jersey. That was in December, so I was very surprised to tune into the latest podcast to hear my letter being read (@ 28:15). The very subject that led me to FPP, processing instant film negatives, is detailed in the February 1, 2012 show.

This blog has been a meandering collection of photographs and camera experiences. I started it in January 2010 after moving to the stunningly beautiful southern Oregon coast. Earlier versions of the blog were focused on music when I traveled around playing music in honky tonk bars with Hellbound Glory, as well as in 2007, I moved to rural Kentucky into the heart of bluegrass music to hone my craft on the mandolin.

But photography has always been part of my life. A lot of time and energy went into the direction I wanted to go with photography since 2009, and the Film Photography Podcast has helped me with that. There was a sense in the early days of the podcast that it is fun to shoot with old cameras, and I certainly have experienced that. However, in 2011, most of my favorite film experience come from using the Fuji Instax 210. It is everything that dslr photography is not (and vice versa), but it is still photography. What I’ve learned from these last three years of intense shooting and experimentation is that I love shooting, and seeing life as what might be a photograph. The visceral reaction to prints, especially large prints, has led to medium format, and hopefully large format some day.

So with that introduction, here is a index to a few blogs that may interest FPP listeners (blog entry link precedes date):

Polaroid cameras, Kodak Pleaser, and Kodak disc film history:
Instant cameras, Ophir, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/11/10
Polaroid / Port Orford evening, 12.11.2010

110 Film with a Minolta AutoPAK 440E, Minolta Zoom 110SLR, and Kodak Ektra 2:
Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River, Minolta AutoPAK 440E 110, Andrew D. Barron©1/03/11
110 Film! 1.21.2011
110 Print scans / The 110 Experience, 1.24.2011
Ektra 110, 7.25.2011
Life In 110, 9.5.2011
110 By The Sea, 9.6.2011
South beach at Sisters Rocks, Andrew D. Barron©8/2011
Polaroid 320
First Polaroids, 1.8.2011
Second Polaroids, 1.9.2011
Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©1/09/11

First mention of FPP, 12.28.2010.

The only way I find stuff on my blog is to use the search below, or to use The Google. It helps to do and advanced search, with a site tag. For example in the Google search you put this:

110 site:
or if you’re curious about my experiments with an old Konica 35mm slr:

"Autoreflex T" site:
or, as mentioned on the show, infrared converted d5000:
infrared site:
instax site:

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