Thursday, March 22, 2012

High Water Everywhere

High Water, US 101, Andrew D. Barron©3/21/12
Storm's a brewin', Andrew D. Barron©3/21/12
It rained for a steady 36 hours. Thursday:
Euchre Creek bridge, Ophir, Andrew D. Barron©3/22/12
Euchre Creek, Ophir, Andrew D. Barron©3/22/12
High Water, US 101, Andrew D. Barron©3/22/12
I keep hoping to witness Greggs Creek to break through to the sea more directly, but it was not today. It got within tens of feet in this storm(two instant film shots together):
High water Greggs Creek, Andrew D. Barron©3/22/12
Bridge over the Rogue River.
Patterson Bridge over the Rogue, Andrew D. Barron©3/22/12
Blog title from a great Charlie Patton song.

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