Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random film photographs

I have been trying to come up with a blog theme since the last time, but I have not yet. I’ve been busy with some GIS work.

Yesterday, I looked out the window about noon and there was a tornado of bees. It was a forming swarm. A little while later I found it in coalescing in a nearby shore pine. My friend Randy had an empty Warre hive ready, and with some ladders, and a bucket, the two us captured the swarm and gave them a nice home. It is likely from the Warre hive started last year, but it is difficult to tell yet. The weather turned sopping wet since then. I do like being a beekeeper, and after a long haul, with one hive surviving two winters, and another one, we will have to learn about honey harvesting from these fixed-frame hives. Most first-time beekeepers have worse luck overwintering; I'm pretty sure it’s the alternate design of the hive that gives them a fighting chance.

I got a film scanner but I don’t really love it. It is working for 35mm, and that has been great. I want to put up some of the film scans that have come forward, but I don’t really want to do all of the work tonight to explain their chronology. Fair enough? I also have some nice stuff from an evening shoot that will make more sense in a separate entry. So, besides the Leica blog last time, it has been quite a while since an all film blog. So enjoy!
Sisters Rocks impact, Andrew D. Barron©12/24/11
Gasquet brush fire, Andrew D. Barron©1/3/12
Exposure latitude with transparency film is tough. I still like the funkiness.
Gasquet motel, Andrew D. Barron©1/3/12
Up Split Mountain road, Andrew D. Barron©1/9/12
Ocotillo sunrise, Andrew D. Barron©1/9/12
Carlsbad lifeguard, Andrew D. Barron©1/9/12
Long Beach sunset, Andrew D. Barron©1/9/12
Hasselblad baby!
Tree on the Humbug trail, Andrew D. Barron©3/27/12
Salal at sunset, Andrew D. Barron©2/22/12
Ruby, Andrew D. Barron©3/24/12
Otter Point, Andrew D. Barron©4/6/12
I couldn’t get very good results from my own scans of color roll of Ektar 100 the light-leaky Leica. Here is one from the lab:
Ophir marsh with shutter curtain light leaks, Andrew D. Barron©3/10/12
My Fuji Instax 210 has broken! This is the shot before last. I tried some stuff to get the scan to look nice. Time for a new instant film camera
Daffodil farewell, Andrew D. Barron©4/6/12

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