Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leica IIIf in Oregon

For the first time since May, I did my own scanning yesterday. I tend to get behind before I’ve made any kind of cohesive blog entry, so here is some of what I’ve got. Let’s start with a roll of expired Provia100 I put in the Leica. Back in May when I loaded this roll, I was concerned that it was many years expired (2003). With the greater exposure latitude of b+w and color negative films I haven’t had much issue with expired films. This colors on this roll are a little funky; it’s really too bad because it was some of the final shots I took before leaving Oregon. I fully admit to getting carried away with the shallow depth of field of the Leitz Summitar ƒ2.
Leica shoots the iris being shot by the Hasselblad, Andrew D. Barron©5/20/12
Mad Dog at Port Orford dock, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
Fantasy at Port Orford dock, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
The old wood pile, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
Madrone along USFS33, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
The poppies were open at the Agness post office. The few folks I met were less so.
Agness poppies, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
One of my aims was to hike the Lower Rogue trail, but it is 11 miles one way. I tried to go halfway from both directions, but with the car trouble and beer belly, there are about 6 miles in the middle I never saw. The parking area is the old elementary school, now the community library.
Slide at Agness school, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
Finally on the trail:
Up cypress, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
That shot was a reference to other photographs and ideas I’ve had. From November 2010 one day way up Euchre Creek:
Cypress tree twin, Curry County Oregon, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/10
11/02/10 blog excerpt: There was a twin cypress tree at my dad’s place as a kid. I went in for this shot, referencing this shot from Reno and also this shot from Tennessee. But I walked around behind and with the flash on, surprised myself.

I lagged getting the film processed, but there were reasons. This roll was cursed: I broke it out of the canister at the last frame. After successfully getting out using a film changing bag, there was a delay at the lab. I always get my slide film uncut and unmounted, but something went wrong this time (I probably forgot). I prefer the strip of film to the slide mounts. I will have to be more careful because this last frame did not return and the word is, lost forever. It was a nice shot. At least I have a low-res scan for my efforts. I held up a circular polarizer and UV filter in front of the Summitar lens (it takes weird slip on filters I don’t have).
The Rogue below Agness, Andrew D. Barron©5/20/12

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