Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Around

Back of the screen and me, Andrew D. Barron©7/31/12
Okay, yeah. Still in Reno.

I have been in some kind of suspended animation. I did a few hectic errands, including a Vancouver-turnaround. I had things abandoned in storage in Washington that are now in Reno. I’ve also been working a lot. In my free time, I’m still going through all of my plans, and figuring out my scanner. Since I never planned on being in Reno again, I am a little empty on how to be a photographer here. Cities have been tough for me all along, but here in the desert, I find the light harsh, and also a strange lack of things I wish to photograph.

It has been an unusual time for me. I have only shot one roll of 36 in two or more weeks.
Leica IIIf and Summitar 50mm, Andrew D. Barron©7/1/12
I don’t talk much about it, but this little tripod, the Manfrotto 482K has been a completely great compact tripod. I’ve used it constantly since February 2011. I had to tighten up parts in May. Actually, that reminds me, let me step back to May in Port Orford Oregon, where they take the boats out of the water to dock them. I had to fix the tripod before this shot.
Leica IIIf and Summitar 50mm, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
May is about where I am with scanning in negs from the Hasselblad. I picked up the Lomography DIGITALIZA scanning mask from Freestyle photo. It works good for the 120 film. I haven’t been very patient at spending even more time on the computer these days.

On July 2, Joseph and I went to lunch. This was looking down Moana Lane towards the Sierras. It was also a premonition to the what the Indian food buffet did to me.
Fire!, Andrew D. Barron©7/1/12
On July 8 I drove up to Jim’s cabin outside of Portola. This was out the window of the car on the way there.
Train, Andrew D. Barron©7/8/12
So on July 18th, I was unexpectedly watching the sun set in California. Once at Gramma’s, a couple of details explained her apparent urgency to deal with the ownership of her old car. She’s 93, and it was neither July 25th, nor August 9th. But $200 later, the car is registered to me.
Sunset from Ramirez road, Central Valley, California, Andrew D. Barron©7/1/12
Oregon flowers.
Oregon flowers, Andrew D. Barron©7/20/12
My nephew and I met up near Mount Shasta and had a good time camping. I brought 3 or 4 22oz IPA. Our favorite was the Apocalypse IPA from 10 Barrell brewing in Bend OR.
California trees, Andrew D. Barron©7/21/12

There was a bizarre rainstorm that lasted for a couple days, starting right when I returned from Vancouver. Approaching Reno from 395:
Sunset, Andrew D. Barron©7/22/12
The next night:
Sunset, Andrew D. Barron©7/23/12
Sunset, Andrew D. Barron©7/23/12
I had a lot of work (jobby-job work) to do, and a lot my old stuff, like tools and camping gear to mess with. I had put all of my plans and stuff on hold and in storage in October. Oh, hey, soon I think I will buy my Honda only because I am 10,000 miles over the lease allotment. Nice. The payoff amount (lease residual) is much less than the blue book or market prices.
Accord at 69,999, Andrew D. Barron©7/31/12
So last weekend I built a stand for my stove that holds propane, water and the batteries that are charged by the 65W solar panel. I had funny geometric ideas and constraints. I made a huge compass out of some twine to get the curve, but now I forget how it relates to the rectangle it is inscribed around. It was supposed to be a little thing I did when not sitting at the computer. But I did it all in one day. I am still shopping for the right battery for my little extended stay kit. I also hope the DC charger for my Macbook makes it here from whatever shady place I ordered it from.
Camping utility table, Andrew D. Barron©7/29/12
Remember when I modified my old boombox to take an Auxillary Input?
 • Clouds, Sunset, Junk, from August 27, 2011
And my trials getting a refillable container. . .
 • Propane, from September 15, 2011,
and the acquisition of the solar panel:
 • Hard Travelin’ from October 8, 2011.

Camping utility table, Andrew D. Barron©7/29/12
It’s a lot of funny ideas I have all put together. Like reusing things: the 20oz Pepsi bottles are exactly the right amount water to make one cup of coffee, becoming about 15oz. Anchor Steam Liberty Ale is a favorite beer, and one of my earliest memories about beer-talk. John Wakabayashi cite this beer as a favorite way back before there were so many microbrews to choose from, maybe 1997. I’m glad I finally got rid of the disposable green propane canister mentality, too. The small Manchester tank has been perfect.

The end of the day today, Tuesday. The third long long work day in a row.
Get the stick Annie!, Andrew D. Barron©7/31/12
The last rays.
Sun in the old 3g using my new mCam mount, Andrew D. Barron©7/31/12

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