Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another one?

Sometimes I joke that I am feral (like a cat). It seemed to happen in graduate school. What I’m getting to is that I would prefer to sleep out of doors most of the time. So indoors, I have been leaving the door open. There’s more air circulation and such. It took about six weeks for the underground communication network of critters to get hip.

So far I ’ve been visited by three mice, a tarantula, and a bat. The spider was a little unnerving; it was so large. I wasn’t really prepared for the size nor the quickness. I placed a colander over it, then shuffled a clipboard beneath. Then I evicted it.
Tarantula gets evictedAndrew D. Barron©8/2/2012
So, I have been closing the door. Except one night last week. I heard weird sounds. It was a mouse. As I tried to scoot it out the door, the bat that had been perched on the far wall started to do laps around the room. It was very confused by the whole situation and so was I. My first close encounter with big spiders and a bat can be crossed off my bucket list.
Desert treeAndrew D. Barron©8/2/2012
I was glad to be out of the photographic low last week. When I dropped of my film at Gordon’s, I had that sinking feeling. There was Ektar100 in there. “When did I do that?!” That means I underexposed most of the roll by two stops, thinking it was Portra400 (like the last 4 rolls in there). I would be worse to go the other way and overexpose two stops.
Concrete sidewalk detailAndrew D. Barron©8/11/2012
I FINALLY put all of my film into PrintFile sleeves. Getting extra shots out of a 36 exposure roll is not a benefit. That extra frame or two has nowhere to go into the sleeves. I am using the 6 strip sheets; a good long size to evenly break up the roll that also fits into the scanner. I have shot a lot of 35mm film since I started one year ago (that blog: 8/7/11). Most of my negs are too curled to lay flat in my scanner, so it was definitely time to deal with storing them properly. I have twenty-nine 35mm rolls in this stack!

I have a refurbished Epson V500. The film holders are very chinsy so I tried out the the DIGITALIZA holders from Lomography. They are set up to show the sprocket holes. With curled 35mm film, it was frustrating. I like the 120 holder better. One detail I am unsure about is that the hunk of metal that you press the film against is sealed in plastic. Are you supposed to remove this or leave it?

Since I have a looming situation with my Honda . . .In September of 2007 I set out on an adventure. The car was less than a month old. With my roustabout lifestyle, there was no way to get out of that lease, so I extended twice. Anyway, here are some photos from the day I left Reno, ostensibly to not return.
Maiden voyage for the 2007 Accord: I’m Old Kentucky BoundAndrew D. Barron©9/5/2007
Here I was a few hundred miles east of Reno. My concentration used to show more in self portraits. I would sure love to visit Kentucky again.
Maiden voyage for the 2007 Accord: I’m Old Kentucky BoundAndrew D. Barron©9/5/20072,062 Miles from Reno to Rosine: maiden voyage for the 2007 Accord: I’m Old Kentucky BoundAndrew D. Barron©9/5/2007

Jerusalem RidgeAndrew D. Barron©9/8/2007
Frank Wakefield, Josh Johnston, Mike Fulkerson, Jerusalem RidgeAndrew D. Barron©9/8/2007

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