Friday, September 21, 2012

Pack Film Heaven

Flowers, old church, Caspar, CA, Andrew D. Barron©9/16/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 3 shot 8]
It’s instant photography love, all over again! I ordered five packs of FP100C from Unique Photo and they sent me unboxed film. That means there are no dates on it, and more than likely it was expired, especially considering how much of a blue hue some of the packs have had. I have been enthusiastic about Unique for getting one of their Instax 210 kits, but after this, I won’t be ordering film from them.

The first two times I tried pack film were one pack of color and b+w. I tried the 320 and a 210. I had problems with too much pressure and also problems with the batteries. I nearly gave up on all of them, but am so glad that those cameras sat around and seemed to beg for another chance. It really hit me when my one year old Instax 210 broke and a repair was impossible. There won’t be a functioning Instax 210 in 44 years like these folding pack film Polaroids. I really like the 100 and 320 having the range finder focusing. The 320 is a little better, but the viewfinder doesn’t fold down and stow away like the 100.

The Land Camera 100 was especially dear, costing $19.99 plus tax in a Reno Goodwill thrift. But with solid aluminum construction and glass lenses, it seemed like a winner. Plus, it was the same model that belonged to a friend’s grandfather, and was the first pack film camera I ever handled only two short years ago in Independence, CA.

I finally got to reclaim some pack film negatives.
Fence at sunset, Barron Way, Reno, Andrew D. Barron©9/16/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 5 shot 3, reclaimed negative, FP3000B]

More to come. Off to Sacramento, then Humboldt county for shows with Hellbound Glory.
Land Camera 100 & 320, Andrew D. Barron©9/21/12 []

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