Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Polaroid 320 travels

Continuing with photographs from my Land Camera 320. As of today 9/19/12, I’m through with four packs of FP100C. I like the 320 enough to have sought out the glass-lensed equivalent, the Land Camera 330, which is on it’s way to me now.
'57 Chevy, Pioneer, CA, Andrew D. Barron©9/8/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 2 shot 3]
We had to pick up our gear where we played the night before.
Buckhorn Lodge, Pioneer, CA, Andrew D. Barron©9/8/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 2 shot 4]
Caples Lake, Highway 88, Andrew D. Barron©9/8/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 2 shot 5]
Into the sun, Highway 88, Andrew D. Barron©9/8/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 2 shot 6]
The next day I had to get it together and perform my 4-hour solo show in Virginia city. Afterwards I looked out to see this.
Above Virginia City and wildfire to the south, Andrew D. Barron©9/9/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 2 shot 7]
It was a busy week at work, but I got together with Jim one night. We played bluegrass and got caught up. I dig showing off the 1970 Polaroid camera to my friends.
South Reno sunset, Andrew D. Barron©9/12/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 3 shot 1]
One hectic day I went to lunch at 3 or so. I always think of a friend when I get a sando at Port-a-Subs. These were nice flowers in the parking lot. Unfortunately, I didn’t block the sun, so I got another blue-into-the-sun photograph.
Port a subs parking, Andrew D. Barron©9/13/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 3 shot 3]
After the tough week at the desk, I played with Hellbound Glory at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento. We headed out of Reno about 7:45. A junior bacon cheeseburger at Gold Ranch was unwise. Once in Sacto, my nephew had been waiting with friends for some time. We followed a full band with good musicians. It was a late night. The next day the band picked me up and we made the long long haul to the California coast south of Fort Bragg.

This was outside the Caspar Inn. It was the first problem I’ve had this time with jamming. I got frustrated and opened the back. The print came out like this after being partially exposed under the lights on stage.
Window grate, Caspar, CA, Andrew D. Barron©9/15/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 3 shot 6]
It was super fun to be traveling around with a pack film camera. In the next entry are some very fine Polaroid, stay tuned!
Old church, Caspar, CA, Andrew D. Barron©9/16/12 [Land Camera 320:Pack 3 shot 6]

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