Sunday, October 28, 2012

Des Moines

Tulsa artist Thomas Self promo poster©10/26/12
We played in Tulsa and then made the long haul up to Leon, IA. We passed through Joplin, MO. Then we passed through the town in northern Missouri where my grandparents lived during my whole life. I thought of my uncle playing bass in that place in the late 1970’s. It is still a trip for me to be in those same footsteps as he and my dad. Hellbound Glory travels around much more though.

It is one bar to another. Stopping for photographs is not considered worth the time, so I grab what I can as we roll along. Right now I’m in central Des Moines, sitting in the shadiest Motel 6 I have ever seen. There only 80 miles to the next show on Tuesday. So I wonder what in central Iowa we will do for 48 hours. Hopefully Iowa Falls will be interesting to wander around in.

I am a bit unsure about the direction of this blog. There is much less time for photography with working in Reno and/or being in this band. But I don’t really want to be the band’s reporter and photographer. Almost no one reads the paragraphs I write, and I don’t really want to mix my worlds too much. Hellbound Glory has very very little to do with my blog for the last three years of photography. At the same time, it has been my experience that bass players are the least recognized guy on stage unless you bounce all around with an upright. So it would be weird to have my perspective about things getting out the fans of the band.

Playing music won’t make you rich, but it is way better than the money I have not seen with my photography. I like traveling around the country and seeing how other folks live. While we are far from our nation’s coast, I hear of the brewing megastorm on the east, and the tsunami scare from couple of Vancouver, BC earthquakes.

All in all we have laughed a lot, argued a lot, driven a lot, and played a lot of music. The odometer reads 2,268. And I’m still not sure where my phone is, but just the car stereo to accept an auxiliary source; which is good since we’re sick of all of the cds that are scratched to hell.

Iowa capital building and moon, Des Moines, IA, Andrew D. Barron©10/28/12 [Iphone 3G, Hipstamatic 190]
Des Moines, IA, Andrew D. Barron©10/28/12 [Iphone 3G, Hipstamatic 190]
Other band gets a flat, Des Moines, IA, Andrew D. Barron©10/28/12 [Iphone 3G, Hipstamatic 190]
Sound guy, Des Moines, IA, Andrew D. Barron©10/28/12 [Iphone 3G, Hipstamatic 190]

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