Friday, November 23, 2012

Mobile blogging test

Still having fun the with Polaroid 330, but not so much the scanning part.Here is a shot from this morning in Chico.
Downtown Chico leaves, Andrew D. Barron©11/23/12 [Polaroid 330, FP110C]

And one more from my phone in the MCam lite using the 6x6 camera app.
Chico front porch pumpkins, Andrew D. Barron©11/23/12 [iPhone 4S, 6x6, mCAM lite]
The initial post of this blog was made by emailing full resolution images to the blogger service. While this worked to get the pictures online easily, I didn’t like the default size. So I redid them. The upper photograph had fairly severe pincushion distortion from the mCAM lite’s wide angle lens which I repaired a little in Photoshop. The lens also exaggerates chromatic aberration, but it is a decent solution that is much faster than scanning the polaroid print.

There is much to like about my long awaited phone upgrade. I have some thoughts about the mCAM lite, but I will wait until I also get used to the new things found in the Hipstamatic 260 also.
Woodruff lane, Andrew D. Barron©11/23/12 [iPhone 4S, 6x6, mCAM lite]
I headed back to Reno for a really fun bluegrass jam and later played with Hellbound in South Lake Tahoe.

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