Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Instant demolotion

I somehow missed the demolition of this old house, here from August with my old Iphone 3G camera.
[Old house in Reno, h190][Old house in Reno, h190]
I had also grabbed a few frames with my Leica. I meant to find more of those scans, but here is a detail I put together back then.

Old home, south Reno, Andrew D. Barron©8/16/12 [Leica IIIf]

My Polaroid Sun 660 has only had one pack of film in it: Impossible’s new Color Protection stuff. The camera has had some rough traveling in my suitcase across the country, but I haven’t reached for it much. The pack of film seems to have suffered in there along the way because I have been impressed with the consistent quality of the new Color Protection film.
Old home demolished, south Reno, Andrew D. Barron©12/6/12 [Polaroid Sun 660, Impossible Color protection]
Old home demolisher, south Reno, Andrew D. Barron©12/6/12 [Polaroid Sun 660, Impossible Color protection]
We played a show in Sacramento on Saturday and a show last night in Pioneer at the Buckhorn Lodge with some other good bands in our circuit. I made it back for a few hours of work. It was a beautiful day up there in the Sierras. The only other time I remember driving Highway 88 was our last show in Pioneer, my first with Hellbound Glory in this latest run with them. I put up a number of Polaroid shots from that trip here from 9/8/12. That means I’ve been playing with these guys for only three months.

Carson Pass and Caples Lake is a place I would like to return with the Hasseblad and shoot for a few days. Anyway, back down in Reno, sunset was nice. Here with the Instax 210 in the parking lot of the office.
South Reno sky, Andrew D. Barron©12/11/12 [Fuji Instax 210]

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