Monday, December 17, 2012

More random slices

How about I start off with something recent. On Saturday, our group at work had a holiday dinner. It was a pretty highfalutin place inside the El Dorado. It just so happened that it was a inebriated local event called the Santa Crawl. Downtown was littered with hammered Reno people dressed as Santa. So true to form, I was totally late and missed the entire pre-dinner social while I drove around looking for parking and interacting with innumerable jay walkers.

I am fond of the Sun 660’s shape and abilities and I try not to think about how spendy the Impossible integral film is.

The Spectra with Impossible silvershade was a hit for my work friends. Something about sepia-toned instant film is always cool.

I have been playing bluegrass with a retired sheriff and my other bluegrass buddies Jim and Joseph. This is one of the picker’s cars:
[Instax 210]
There has been a lot going on. I remain fully tethered to the computer and have learned a lot about Windows, Mountain Lion OS, 64-bit, cramming archaic (but functional) ArcView 3.3 into these. Add on Parallels, Paragon, the issues dealing with installing Foobar 2000 to play FLAC, etc., etc., blah blah blah. Computers. What does a computer eat for breakfast? Your whole damn day.

I really want to get on top of my film archive, especially the 120 negatives from the Hasselblad. There are 29 rolls of 12 frames each to deal with. Hard to believe how little I used that camera, yet that is a bunch of negatives to deal with. Most of them are on Ektar 100, which I finally realize are hard to scan. What I see is that this film has acceptable latitude for getting an image, but if the exposure is off, I start to have color problems. This scan came in with a relatively correct exposure and looks great. The Hasslelbad makes some wonderful photographs.
February in Ophir
[Curry county salal, Ophir Road, Hasselblad 500c/m, Portra 400]
I had one roll of Portra 400 in there. In contrast to Ektar 100, if there is an image on the negative, it comes right into the digital realm and looks great. I remember looking for interesting things to shoot at the higher speed film. I was also running around with my recently fixed up Leica IIIf. The relative bargain of shooting 35mm overshadowed my 120 efforts this last year. I was going broke at $10 for processing of 120 film. But here at Gordon’s in Reno, it is only $3 for processing and they offer a 3-hour turnaround if in before 11am. So I aim to get back on that track. Where was I? Ah yes, Bandon Oregon in May:
[Hasselblad 500c/m, Portra 400]
This entry had a certain power and draw to it, besides the obvious visual pun of number 120 on 120 film. There was more thought going on for this precise framing than I care to admit. It did come out just as I envisioned it, such as the door framing intersecting the film frame edge at the bottom. Only now my own scans in the DIGITALIZA/Epson V500 do I get that silly reward that ”yes, that's how I thought I shot it.” Automated lab scans cut off way too much for me.

[Hasselblad 500c/m, Portra 400]

This big flower was a great subject in the back yard at Nesika Beach. I was trying out a bunch of things back then, including the 50mm ƒ4 Distagon lens on the Hassy, as here:
[Hasselblad 500c/m, Portra 400]
But I also had out the Leica IIIf with some expired Provia 100F. Here the Leica takes a pic of the same flower and the Hassy.
Leica shoots the iris being shot by the Hasselblad, Andrew D. Barron©5/20/12
I was in Oregon a few weeks back for about five days. Then I had to return to California for a super fun show in Coloma, CA. It was within a mile of the Marshall gold discovery site, the place that started the Gold Rush. I reached for a camera. All I had was the Polaroid Land Camera 100 with way-too-fast FP3000b film. With this combo, there is something wrong with the camera. It never does this with color 100 speed film. This is the smaller aperture setting:
[Land Camera 100, Fuji FP3000b]
And opening up for the wide aperture setting (it is really nice to have that on this Land Camera model, missing from my other pack film models 210, 320 & 330):
[Land Camera 100, Fuji FP3000b]

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