Monday, July 8, 2013

Headed out

I am leaving for a week of shows with Hellbound Glory. Our first show is near Bozeman. This weekend we are in Fargo, ND, then return through Idaho for some weekend club shows.

The heat wave in the west was tremendous, and Reno was not spared.

I somehow ended up without work again. Lots of folks lose their jobs and get desperate to find another. I'm lucky in that I get to ask, "is this what I want?" Being a map-a-day cartographer was familiar, but I dearly miss my science. I would like to work my way back to Quaternary geology in the coming months; it is a passionate pursuit that really hasn't gone away.

I've been staying in a different part of Reno while I help a friend finish a remodel of a condo. It's a lot like many apartments I lived in during my college years.

After a month of music festivals, I have a funny hang up about the 'beat'; who takes it, and why do so many bass players not know they speed up? Once I went to a workshop taught by guitar great Tony Rice. He credited a bass player (Mark Shatz) with a train metaphor. The beat is like a train; the box cars roll by. But the soloist is like a hobo in the box car and can move forward and back. To me, as a mandolinist, my solos jump way to the front of the boxcar. I have found this seems to often speed up everybody.

Well, so here I go for some shows on bass. I know that I don't speed up. The bass player is the train. As long as we
understand where in the boxcar the hobo is playing (either Rico or Leroy) there's no need to change the speed of the train.

Lets hope the truck, dubbed 'Bella,' will take us these 3,000 miles without trouble. These shows will fill out a number of states I haven't played in yet: Montana, South Dakota, and Idaho.

Just listened to nirvana's 'unplugged in New York' (thanks Sara!) and
am closing with 'Exile On Main Street'. I've gotta do something to get my ears out of bluegrass festival mode, and back to this other thing that I do.

I am bringing 4 packs of instant film. I wish I could get them up, as the last month's shots have been wonderful. Sometime we will have to get together and slowly page through my binder.

Sound as ever,

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  1. was stoked to see so many new posts after returning to the 34th floor. break a leg out there.... :)


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