Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Around Reno and escape

I really love instant film for travel photography, but it is quite a hassle, and the prints get pretty beat up before I get home. So, I am planning to shoot up all my TriX film in my Leica, and will try to get the film off to thedarkroom.com for processing. It comes out to about 1/3 the price as instant film.

Smoke from a raging fire in Sequoia affected skies way up here.
Smoky sunset, Andrew D. Barron©8/5/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
My friend Mike wanted to go the local watering hole, The Old Tyme Saloon. Gradually verified that no, Drew, Jim Beam is not good for you.
Beam, Andrew D. Barron©8/5/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Met some nice people who were from Longview, WA. It was nice to hang out with. I played a lot Kid Rock and Hank III on the TouchTunes, blowing some $10 on jukebox music.
Pool, Andrew D. Barron©8/5/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Popcorn, Andrew D. Barron©8/5/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
I was in rough shape and skipped coffee and had sushi for my first meal with my friend Shawn. It had been a while since we caught up. Then I went and got some boot socks at the western store next door.

I bought some expired 126 film last weekend and decided to search thrift stores for a suitable camera. I did not find one yet, but it would be cool to shoot the two rolls while traveling around America on this upcoming tour.

I spotted this burly work Polaroid 600 at some point in the last year on-line. I wanted it then because it seemed unique, at least in comparison to the many other generic 600 series cameras. Now I have one.
Polaroid JobPro, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Fretboard Journal=awesome, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Fretboard Journal=awesome, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
AMERICA, all right there, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
I felt the urge to leave Reno, having fully immersed myself in the mayhem of thrift store shopping in Sparks. Halleulla Junction was a similar disaster of random, confused, and slow-moving travelers.
AMERICA, all right there, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Horses, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Now I’m sitting in a camp I found two years ago, about 25 miles north. How well I remember huddling under this tree in a downpour in 2011. Rereading that blog (here from 6/5/11), I was pretty repetitive about the rain in that entry.
Impromptu coffee bar, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
Lately I have been thinking about Cartier-Bresson's notion that you simply live your life, and the photographs will be there.
Uncertain skies, Andrew D. Barron©8/6/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]

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