Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hat creek rim adventure

FOOD UNCLE, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
Love the thumb!
Barn en route to Hat Creek rim, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
Hat Creek rim, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
The MCam lite does make for nice wide angle, but there is substantial chromatic and pincushion distortion throughout. This was reprocessed from the TIFF file from 645 PRO app. I love the MCam mount, but the lens leaves much to be desired. A stitched panorama would be better, and the exposure and focus locks on the 645 PRO app would allow for very nice merging in photoshop. For this shot I held up a circular polarizer and UV filter trying to tame the overexposed scene. The MCam takes a 49mm filter thread, and somewhere I have the step up ring. Somewhere.

Some dude in a big truck came down the narrow dirt road as I was set up for that last shot. I had parked in the middle of the road. He had Corning Ford plates on his truck, rolled up and asked if I had got any good shots. Then gave directions for a lookout.

Once there, I met a woman from South Africa who is doing all 2,600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. She was pleased about the ice cold lemon pellegrino. She said she was a potter. She started walking in April in Mexico. We met at her 20th mile of the day. I said things like, “I can’t even imagine wanting to do something like that.”

Then Leroy called and it appears that we have some big shows coming up very soon.
Hat Creek Rim antennae, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Hat Creek Rim area, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Hat Creek Rim lookout area, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Hat Creek Rim lookout area, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:Hipstamatic]
Hat Creek rim, Andrew D. Barron©8/1/13 [iPhone 4S:645 PRO]
I don’t really have time to condense all of my thought about standing here. This is the area that began my career in neotectonics, and my friendship with Marith Reheis. From that FOP field trip in 1995 until things shifted away from geology in 2005, I was so enthusiastic about Quaternary geology and campfire music with my geology friends. The field trip introduced me to Jeff Unruh as well as the crew at the PG&E Geosciences group, who hired me later on as a geologist/GIS guy. My whole career up to grad school was built on connections made on that trip. I remember Dr. Unruh giving the tectonic setting and I just lapped it up: the first time I’d ever heard the term Walker Lane Belt. So it was quite an honor to later work with him, and even publish that work with him in 2003.

Now it appears that I am leaving in four days to open a number of shows for Kid Rock with Hellbound Glory in Detroit. I won’t be back out west until late September.

And all the while to be here in Lassen NP with my dear friend Sara from grad school, her husband, her family, and her husband’s sibling and family, were so nice to be around this week. Here we were ten years ago in Nevada, with Anjani P. in the center (10/2003). I think it’s been 8 years since we’ve seen each other.
Andrew D. Barron, Anjani Polit, Sara Draucker, on the moving neotec field rig, Humboldt Range, central Nevada

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