Saturday, September 20, 2003

Neotectonic and quaternary mapping

with Steve Wesnousky.

Using a 1999 2.1MP Canon S10.

September 5, 2003. Walker Lake, Nevada.
Walker Lake, Nevada
Chris Kratt at base of a Wassuk frontal fault scarp, Walker Lake, Nevada

September 13 2003. Benton Springs, rural central Nevada.
Early morning moon, student with beer
Andrew D. Barron shadow, desert pavement, Burt Slemmons low sun angle air photo
Steve Wesnousky in a soil pit, Benton Springs area, Nevada

September 20, 2003. Shoshone Range, northern Nevada.
Shoshone Range, northern Nevada
Sara Draucker, Shoshone Range, northern Nevada
Chris Kratt, Steve Wesnousky, Anjani Polit, Jessica Muehlberg, ?, Sara Draucker, Shoshone range
Shoshone Range, northern Nevada
Chris Kratt, Anjani Polit, Sara Draucker, Shoshone range

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