Monday, March 13, 2006


Holy crap. In a rental van, our rag-tag band, Hellbound Glory minus one (Adam had kidney stones), we survived a rather grueling trip to Fort Bragg and San Francisco.

We learned that Dave Gleason shreds over our songs, Johnny Dilks is a maniac and a hell of a good guy, Leroy should not drink a pint of Jim Beam, roads to Point Reyes and back are very curvy, and I should not smoke weed. Ever.

The Caspar Inn was cool. We missed breakfast with Gene Parsons somehow, but I got a sweet crab omelette anyway at Egghead's Restaurant. I think my credit card is still there. It snowed in San Francisco. Our shows were fun and well received, although somewhat smaller and more mellow than normal. Of course Leroy's amp didn't work.

The view I drove two hours out of the way to see.

It snowed a lot. After four hours of sitting in a parking lot in Colfax, we somehow got past chain restrictions at 4 a.m. and drove home. I appreciate the control guard who insisted to us that MPVs were all wheel drive. They are not. I just got home after riding my bike from the airport returning the rental.

God damn this is fun.

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