Sunday, April 2, 2006

Straight Ahead's showcase

We got through the Walden's show. There was an unexpectedly large and enthusiastic crowd. I have to remark that no matter what you practice, or what you think is going to happen, never actually happens. Especially with improvised solos and four musicians. Anyway, some real magic happened for me during a song we do called Fire In The Canyon. When my musician friends are like "wow, man cool," I know I need to try to recall what I did. Luckily, we have a recording this time, so I can learn it from myself for next time. And lucky for you, it will eventually get posted at our band's site. In the meantime, I put up the solo here. It doesn't really do much out of context, but in case you're curious. . .

I forgot to mention, but the coolest thing has happened for Straight Ahead Bluegrass. We were selected as one of the local bands to play at this summer's Bower's Mansion bluegrass festival. I thought we had to submit a demo, so that's why I was uptight leading up to the Walden's performance. But the word came down last week that we were chosen from our performance early this year at the first ever NNBA Mid-Winter fest. We're very honored to have our bluegrass friends support us this way.

Tomorrow night Hellbound Glory is going to lay down some practice tracks for our upcoming recording sessions. I'm still surprised that we got this serious and it's still this fun. And just in case I don't say it enough, I'm grateful that I get to play with such talented people (all of you: Luke, Joseph, Jim, Leroy, Adam and Chad) several times a week.

So, pardon my self-back-patting, but not too shabby for a big nerd who's been playing mandolin for two years, bass for 4 months, performing for crowds for just over a year. Just wanted to remind myself of the good things because now I have a fucking thesis to finish!

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