Saturday, December 16, 2006

The biggest anticlimax imaginable: thesis defense

So I'm finished. I gave a very short talk to fairly large group of friends, colleagues and faculty. My hastily prepared presentation lasted for less time than did the very intense q&a following!

What is crazy is that I, working without assistance:
· Selected the site
· Opened and documented the exposure
· Interpreted the most confusing trench most have seen
· Wrote a thesis without faculty review or comments or word of any kind.

I waited in limbo from late April until 9 days prior to the defense -- that's 8 months folks. That's not counting the first limbo time of 5 months from 4/05-9/05.

· Submitted an improved but essentially unchanged thesis on the same day

I guess I really earned my new title:
Andrew D. Barron
Master of Science in Geology

Thanks for listening.

from Monday, December 04, 2006

I'll be defending on December 15th.

It won't be over though. I'm still a PhD student with all coursework finished, and much to think about. I'm staying at DRI another semester and will be pursuing questions about process geomorphology. At this point, it looks like it will be comparative characterization of desert landforms around the globe. But mostly the Great Basin compared to the middle east. Funny, but that's what I wanted to get into before the proverbial shit-fan impact of April '05.

The Saddle Tramps effectively fired me after sapping most of my creative energy for their upcoming album. "It's not personal or musical." I've had bigger let downs, but not many.

Straight Ahead Bluegrass Band may be reforming after a five month hiatus. We still have more fun playing bluegrass together than with anyone else. There will be a new bluegrass jam at Dreamer's Coffee house in downtown Reno this Friday, and then onward each 2nd and 4th Friday. Runs from 7-10pm. I'll be there this first one for sure.

Hellbound Glory remains one of the best local bands I've ever seen. If you've been, you know. It's not self aggrandizing. I think that this happens when talented musicians put all they have into something with no creative compromises. It's either a happy coincidence or a cosmic imperative that I get to play with them. I'm putting my money (figurative, of course) on the latter.

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