Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in California

Moonrise, Holiday Market, El Dorado county, 12/23
Andrew D. Barron ©12/23/07
Moon, 12/24
Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
Chico, Butte County, CA, Andrew D. Barron ©12/26/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/25/07
Off to Chico. Meriam Library, CSU Chico, 12/26.
Chico, Butte County, CA, Andrew D. Barron ©12/26/07
Chico Creek.
Chico, Butte County, CA, Andrew D. Barron ©12/26/07
CSU Chico campus, Andrew D. Barron ©12/24/07
This means Chico State.
CSU Chico campus, Andrew D. Barron ©12/26/07
Used to be Togos sandwich shop, Chico, CA. Behind the theater where I saw The Empire Strikes Back
Andrew D. Barron ©12/26/07
Sidewalks of San Jose, 12/27/07.
Andrew D. Barron ©12/27/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/27/07
Andrew D. Barron ©12/27/07

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Going home again: Peavine Peak and neon

This time with new eyes. Peavine is so lovely when blanketed in snow. I recall our first apartment here in 2002 had a nice view of the mountain. In that apartment I became addicted to DVD technology, learned about Bill Mize, and briefly considered running a 5k. Far too many classes and my oppressive advisor precluded much outside activity. But in October I met and had a lesson from Bill Mize.

I've adopted a new image size for 2008.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Back in Cali

Here are some pictures from my flight. I'm here for three weeks or so.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Owensboro Science Museum

Here's some pictures from my visit to the museum in Owensboro. Enjoy!

Oh, and I'll be in California later today.

Though I can't afford one yet, I've got my eye on a mandocello. The recent (near)extinction of this large beast kind of fits with the science museum. Again, check out Mike Marshall talking about the mandocello. Super cool

Monday, December 10, 2007

I came to town on a tornado

I remember the day the reporter was outside of Starbucks. He was far more interested in the French teacher lady than me, the darrell musician. But it's a funny read and nicely documents my return to Kentucky on that evening. The quote is almost certainly wrong as I stopped in Dale Indiana to buy some whiskey as the tornado warning came in. I put my camera on movie mode and filmed a bunch of it from my safe spot on highway 231. Safe in that the modelers showed a 3 mile wide strip of no tornado that I was driving on. I refuse to be paranoid, you know? The footage I took is crap and is mostly out of focus.

Newspaper article.

It was cool to hear Verlon sing he and Guy Clark's "Tornado Time in Texas" last week. Blow the tattoo off yer arm.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On a Wednesday

I am sitting in my car in Nashville. Since I went to the Bluebird just last week, and was about 20 minutes later than I planned, I'm killing just a little time. I am going to the Station Inn to see Verlon Thompson with Shawn Camp tonight, and will head back to Henderson afterwards.

Well, anyway, probably try to find some food and head to the show. Enjoy the pictures from this afternoon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Photos galore and a trip through my mind

This started as I went through my photographs over the last week or two. I'm going to go into some of what it's my head when I take photographs and perhaps why they have a look to them. Which of course has led to me sorting out a bunch of things about my life as I head home for the holidays soon. There are lots of photos this time.

Photos from before this Saturday, and photos from Saturday.

Last night at dinner with the Kings Highway band after the show, a joke I made about how professional bluegrass musicians are often obese led to a ridiculous series of pop culture references. I went into Fat Albert voice, "After I left the junkyard gang, I started playing old time fiddle music. I've been playing with Rhonda Vincent for 3 years now." It's quite absurd, but it is there, in my head. Similarly, this photograph I took in an Owensboro honky tonk called the Yellow Rose last night. This image reminds me of The Empire Strikes Back, in the carbon freezing chamber just before the climatic light saber duel. You don't have to see it; it doesn't matter, not even to me. Yet there's all this stuff in all of our minds, visual and sonic references, unexpected emotional responses, mostly buried in our subconscious. Acquired throughout our life, with many of us sharing similar cultural aspects, like music and film.

I have an interest in filmmaking and music production. I love movies and documentaries. I watch them instead of television and the news. My film watching experience is a cascade of observations of the acting, script/dialogue, lighting, location, style, and often try to get behind the camera, imagining how a shot was taken. Rarely on first viewing do films 'take me away'. That happens in the quiet comfort of my 5.1 (or 7.1) surround, widescreen-equipped home. Clearly, that's lacking lately. Until May of this year I had been considering leaping towards documentary filmmaking. That was a nice idea that I nurture still, starting probably since I made a stop-motion animation movie in 1983 with LEGO figures. Later, in 1991, I made a 20 minute movie that explored my hometown's cast of characters when I asked them "What is bass?"

Warning: side story. At that time I had two 15" speakers as a back seat of my '73 Camaro. Yup, you just can't make this stuff up. The Camaro is still around; here's some pics I took a year ago. In 1990, I was 17. I had found a way to design and build a cabinet that had enough air volume for the speakers and didn't take up any noticeable space in the car. It was a interesting recreational application to mathematics.

I couldn't build this kind of thing again because I learned that it didn't matter. I learned that rap music was expressing a culture that I was not part of. I learned that loud uneven frequency amplification doesn't lead to a more enjoyable music experience. I learned that doing something hard for no apparent reason eventually provides much reason. I learned that when I do something I think might be cool, it is, and yet I remain a total dork. But my admiration for lyrical skill and my enjoyable visceral response to loud, low frequenices remains. It was an unexpected thrill to end up learning to play bass and generate that same kind of sound way later at 32 years old. End of side story

Oh, so I guess it's finally time for a nod to my masters. Yay me (and a great deal of help from Lora). It's a far cry from the Ph.D. that was intended. That's a different life. I learned lots of lesion, err, lessons from that experience. It turned out to be a five year project, and when my diploma was mailed I had already made my plan to Kentucky to pursue something I never imagined 5 years ago. Oh, and about that. How does one become a professional musician, if not for becoming? Then, how long until something begins to gel? How long in your career, dear reader, until you 'are somewhere'? Just making a point.

Begin interlude

Speeding with a moving trailer on a secret mission putting stuff in storage in Chico before I had told family of my plans to move east and pursue music. Truckee, CA, 7/9.

And the follow up. This was my first encounter with the law since I left. Exiting the Natcher Parkway, Monday, 11/26. No ticket; the daytime running lights, when not killing my battery in parking lots, trick me into thinking my headlights are on in the early evening. I hates them.

I encourage everyone to whip out the camera in times of potential crisis. It's hard to freak out when you're trying to 'get a shot.'
End interlude.

Oh right, I got sidetracked. That is the only track I stay on. The challenge of teaching myself how to make documentary films was daunting, but that was part of the allure. I knew I had a lot to learn about camera work. I figured I could handle the writing, the shots, etc., but I wondered how I would be looking through the lens. So for a while now, I take photographs as I imagine a filmmaker would shoot scenes. The technical aspect I keep in mind is this: widescreen, high definition televion sets are here and should remian long enough for me to work with that format. So that's why I use 16x9 aspect ratio or framing in all of my pictures. For my purposes on the web, that's a 600 x 338 pixel image; a simple concession. I would prefer if everyone out there had much nicer monitors and fast internet connections.

On April 25 this year, I started messing with the format and cropped some older photos. I stumbled into that folder looking for some other pic while writing this. Check out this shot, a beautiful opening shot for a western. This is Cayon Sin Nombre in the Coyote mountains from this January. Notice how the animal tracks cut the car tracks? Who cares? Does it matter? Nobody and nope. But I like it.

Or this, an emotional visit to the California coast not long afterwards.

Or this, the upper reaches of my great aunt Ida Mae's property in eastern Kentucky.

I always am thinking these things, but not had the time to really write about it or present as here. That was fun. I have just a little bit of time left in this phase of my efforts. I'm trying to stay relaxed and not stress out over arbitrary goals that I made up. It truly 'is what it is'. Here I am in Kentucky, just being, thinking 'I'm a musician' and yet there's all this other stuff coming out too. That reminds me that I promised myself I would concentrate on mandolin and stop getting distracted with other instruments, namely the upright bass. Seriously, it's in a blog somewhere. Yet I've played more upright bass than mandolin in the last two months, an instrument I played once before Kentucky.

My next step is a little blurry, but probably involves a move closer to Nashville. I've been looking into Franklin, KY (36 miles to Nashville) and perhaps if I have to go to work, Bowling Green (60 miles to Nashville). Yup, the town that was such a lame first impression. Perhaps that's a good match. First impressions have a lot to do with the state of mind of the observer anyway.

Thinking of home, here's a sunrise shot from the Road 27 overpass at I-5, Glenn County, CA, 12/22/06. That's Pabst Butte (seriously), capped by the 16m.a. Loveyjoy Basalt.

Mighty Mount Lassen. And the mighty nationwide GSM mobile network.

Mount Shasta.

And the rolling golden hills I love. Coast Range and foothills. The foothills are comprised of a thick, exhumed stack of near shore marine sediments from the Cretaceous (64 million years ago) called the Great Valley Group. They were depositied as the granitic plutons that would later become the Sierra Nevada, cooled deep within the crust. At that time, the Pacific Plate plowed under the North American plate where the San Andreas fault system would develop 35 million years later, reaching this lattitude only 5 or 10 million years ago. Geologic time is mind warping.

Back to the blog.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I’m sitting here wondering, "Would a matchbox

hold my clothes?"

Well the answer is a resounding NO. With my shit now spread all over the country, well, sigh...

These are some pictures from my phone. I was in Nashville last night, following my nose and quite unexpectedly found myself in front of great songwriters at the Bluebird Cafe, then Josh Williams and friends at the Station Inn. Here is what I see right this moment:

But when I took this picture with my phone, I found these other cool pics in there. Here's me and my brother at Walmart (unstaged):

And while in Owensboro a few weeks ago, I saw the coolest 10 speed. I can't imagine how this bicycle came to be branded, bought or sold. I figure it is promotional. But that I took these with a Sony Walkman phone...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Walkin' Through The Days, part 2

Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/17/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/17/07

Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/17/07

Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/17/07

Owensboro, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/19/07

Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/23/07
We trekked out to the property in Sebree, KY for some brush clearing.
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Otis has fun.
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Sebree, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/24/07
Exiting the Natcher Parkway, Monday, 11/26. No ticket; the daytime running lights, when not killing my battery in parking lots, trick me into thinking my headlights are on in the early evening.
Owensboro, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/26/07
Scoping out Franklin, KY.
Franklin, Simpson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/29/07
Franklin, Simpson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/29/07
Franklin, Simpson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/29/07

Monday, November 19, 2007

Takin' it easy

Watching documentaries, sitting in front of a fire. Have I ever spent this much time alone?


Oh, they were Cracking The Code, The Expanding Universe (kinda sucked), Cosmos, episode 1, and Unfolding Universe. All copied from Netflix in the last few weeks in Nevada.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Walkin' Through The Days

I settled into living in a travel trailer off of KY1078, near the Audubon Parkway. These shots are from around the property.
Circling hawk of three, Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/1/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/1/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/1/07
Sunset, November 1st.
Zion, Henderson County, Andrew D. Barron ©11/1/07
It frosted last night. This morning, Friday, November 2nd, marks my 8th week away from Reno.
Frost near Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/07
Andrew and Otis, Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/07
It is the seeming contraction that we must be fully committed, but we must also be aware at the same time that we might possibly be wrong. This dialectic relationship between conviction and doubt is characteristic of the highest types of courage.
Rollo May, The Courage To Create.
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/07
I went out for some adventures in Evansville, IN, 11/2/07. Out the window.
Evansville, Vanderburgh County, IN, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/07
11/8/07. I am here to:
1) write and record a demo album of original songs
2) defeat perfectionism in music
3) experience something different by immersion in a foreign, but deliberately chosen culture
4) distract myself from the longing and ache I feel since I crashed into her
5) get away from the downer vibe of honky tonk performance for losers
Another week's gone by.
Andrew and Otis, Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/9/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/11/07
The barn studio and album project. I wrote a blog.The 'console'.
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/5/07
The hot seat. With these 3 mics, I aim to get acoustic guitar tone like Tom Petty's Wildflowers, or Don't Fade On Me.
Bass and Telecaster tones came easy with close-micing on the speakers. Mandolin is acceptable through a single AT c535eb.
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/11/07
This is my 'clothes on the line' strategy to keep the songs in constant growth until finished. They face the stage, directly behind the desk.
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/11/07
I met you in the mall one night
I was walking through Sears
Said "Nice screwdriver set, mama,"
Can I buy you a beer?'

I ain't got no money, but I sure got a lot to say

Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/11/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/14/07
Zion, Henderson County, KY, Andrew D. Barron ©11/15/07

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