Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here's some pictures. These aren't the 'best of the best' but ones that I went through the trouble to reformat along the way.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quick update

I have been really chasing things down with the music.

Right now I am so focused on my songs and music and my ‘studies’ of music that I’ve had little interest in blogging or posting photographs. By the way, the photographs had a funny evolution from:
‘hey here’s what I’m seeing’
to ‘wow, check out these cool photos from this week’
to ‘here are the best of the best from three weeks that I hoped would be good photos’
to ‘it sure is hard to take good pictures consistently.'
We'll see if that changes before too long when the sun comes out again.

Here’s a quick run down of the approximate chronology of where my time has been spent musically. It is a lot, and I don't feel like writing a focused blog right now. Just to share how serious I’ve been after the guitar playing part, here’s a quick review of what I’ve put into my efforts. No longer just listening for enjoyment, I’ve been really trying to figure out how these guys did what they do and have come so far myself in emulating, absorbing and emerging with my own guitar style. These names don’t have to mean anything to you, but it’s about 60 percent blues masters going back as far as the ‘20s, and the other 40 percent is county and bluegrass guys.

February: A return to Robert Johnson, (one two and a newish tab book.
April: Curtis Mayfield’s early work with the Impressions (one and two).
March: Howlin’ Wolf, Charlie McCoy (early blues mandolinist. one two and three.)
July: Buck Owens, John Lennon
October: Sonny Boy Williamson (II), Little Walter, and a Junior Wells classic.
November: Jimmie Rodgers, Charlie Patton, Merle Haggard covering Jimmie Rodgers.

I have been deeply studying the underlying guitar development of Merle Travis as it relates to country guitar, bluegrass and my family and Kentucky. That also has me reviewing much Chet Atkins and also a perennial favorite, Jerry Reed. Chet and Jerry remain far to specialized in their style for my current pursuits. Finally splurged and resold this classic.

Early this year: Robert Johnson some more, learning much and finally able to play some of his style. I really started to appreciate his songwriting and his guitar genius is awe inspiring.

February: new box sets by Bill Monroe and finally all of Charlie Monroe’s works.
March: Otis Rush, Mike Marshall, Sonny Boy Williamson (I), Yank Rachell, Kokomo Arnold
April: Clarence White. Somehow, I’ve been getting to a place that says ‘yeah, I can do that some day.’ Like Robert Johnson and Bill Monroe, my appreciation for Clarence deepens the more I learn about music.

I’m working on a myspacemusic page with some recordings and such. I should have music up before Kerrville. Please send a friend request over there. Writing this blog and looking back to construct this chronology, I see that it was only a year ago I was trying to sort out between graduate school (a phd elsewhere), filmmaking and music as my new direction in life.

P.S. I finally have my thesis hard bound copies... collecting dust on the shelf.

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