Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look around

Here's some pictures from a walk today, as well as some earlier ones.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a day

Shitty day. 2 of 3 XP machines got a virus. Microsoft released a malicious software removal tool and fixed some big new security threat today. Not quite soon enough. Fooled me, first virus of my own. That is saying something. Masqueraded as a "Windows Update". It killed my Digital Audio Workstation. The data should be safe. Who knows, but I am glad I built a W2k machine up from spare parts this September. It was such a nice little Dell Dimension 4600. I beefed it up with a RAID card, so anyway I was back online.

FOR AN HOUR. Then the cable internet died. I called and searched and called. I even bought a used cable modem from some dude. $35. Long story, not really, just lame.

No internet computer at home, really. This is wireless stolen from some neighbor. Our top floor flat seems to have an advantage. The machine I'm using caught some illness today with the attacks, but it boots. Each reboot, all settings are wiped fresh. Including installed software, like Google Chrome.

At least I am not having to prepare for the next big one like my people in California. Check it. That's all I really wanted to blog about.

Today I hiked 4 miles in the rain and thought of Oregon. Cooked a really nice Steelhead trout from Costco. $10 for half a big 'ol fish. Just can't go wrong. Lemon-garlic baked deal. Very delicious.

Things are coming together, just not very quickly. I'll be posting the good news any comes. Meanwhile, I've been interested in this problem for a while. Thought I'd put up a link so I can find it again: Corn. Or the full scientific article.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fred Armisen

is hilarious. Of all of the Saturday Night Live cast members I've liked, he's quickly rising to the top.

In his first season, I was in graduate school. The character Fericito, the Venezuelan drummer and entertainer, was always "just keeeding."

This year SNL had Thursday night news segments. Armisen is a convincing and humorous Obama. On the repeat this Saturday, I caught the impression of the CEO of American Outfitters guy. Fred is a natural physical comic. In a news appearance, he appeared before a map board and just riffed for 3 minutes, never really saying anything. Same with the apathetic hippy character who's appearance was to highlight headlines, but he somehow never makes a point or a complete thought.

Anyway, I can still see those characters he's portrayed and that's a mighty powerful comedian. So here I am giving Fred Armisen my personal 'I dig it -- you're funny!' stamp of approval.

Read more about Fred at NBC or his myspace.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Montgomery Bell state park during the Americana Folk Fest this Saturday.

So much to write about. I guess. So little focus. It has been the week of great fiddlers.

Within 8 days I have seen: Stuart Duncan, Jason Carter, and Casey Driessen. I've been hearing a lot of live music, new (to me) recorded music. I've been really diggin' the source for Robert Johnson's 32-20 blues in Skip James' 22-20 Blues, a powerful piano virtuoso piece.

And on with the show... here are the photographs I took of our sun for about the last year.

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