Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Virginia City Gig

Last Sunday while hanging out with Jim, a call came in for a gig. He couldn't play it. I thought about it for a while, and made the bold assertion that I could do it. I thought I could wrangle enough musicians together for a full band at least part of the time. But by the day before, last Friday, it was clear I had to cancel, or gulp, play the show alone.

I started making a list of every song that I know all the words to and will still play. To my surprise, I came up with a very Americana list of ninety some songs. I knew that would be plenty. I figured for every sensitive songwriter song, or dark Townes Van Zandt song, I could throw in a Bill Monroe bluegrass song.

So I did.

Virginia City was taken over with the Americana festival organized by Cindy Gray. I wasn’t part of the organized entertainment, but it didn’t seem to matter. I set up a few mics on a borrowed PA at the Ponderosa, known for their mine tour.

During my time on the mic, Yoseff Tucker of the Central Valley Boys came up and we played Bill Monroe’s I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky, one of my favorite and most enduring Monroe songs. I never seem to tire of it, and after having lived in Rosine and nearby Zion, Kentucky, Monroe’s catalog carries a personal nostalgia and a certain amount of lived-in quality for me.

About half way through the four hours, my friends from Wildhorse Drive came up and played a few songs before heading down for their show at the Great Basin Brewery. (See their new web site).

The show ended up being a lot of songwriter stuff. I will forever be sure to include Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh’s Come From The Heart. Susanna passed in mid June.

Now here is the one thing that I keep forgetting when everything is falling apart:
In life, as in love, I need to remember there’s such a thing as trying to hard.

and so, always fitting, the chorus is ever resonant:
You’ve got to sing like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ll never get hurt.
Dance like nobody’s watchin’
It’s got to come from the heart if you want it to work.

But then I went into Dublin Blues, written by Guy Clark , and I lost it during the chorus.

I loved you from the get go and I’ll love you ‘till I die.
I loved you on the Spanish steps the day you said good bye.

Afterwards I ended up in a bluegrass jam playing mandolin, and later I played a borrowed bass on the wooden sidewalk. The end of the night I strummed away on guitar in an old-time jam. Old time is very different from bluegrass, but perhaps not to a casual listener.

I stayed up really late that night and slept away Sunday morning. That’s when my friend Jay invited me to go out on his small sailboat at the Sparks marina. It was very relaxing, and all in all, a very good weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leica IIIf in Oregon

For the first time since May, I did my own scanning yesterday. I tend to get behind before I’ve made any kind of cohesive blog entry, so here is some of what I’ve got. Let’s start with a roll of expired Provia100 I put in the Leica. Back in May when I loaded this roll, I was concerned that it was many years expired (2003). With the greater exposure latitude of b+w and color negative films I haven’t had much issue with expired films. This colors on this roll are a little funky; it’s really too bad because it was some of the final shots I took before leaving Oregon. I fully admit to getting carried away with the shallow depth of field of the Leitz Summitar ƒ2.
Leica shoots the iris being shot by the Hasselblad, Andrew D. Barron©5/20/12
Mad Dog at Port Orford dock, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
Fantasy at Port Orford dock, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
The old wood pile, Andrew D. Barron©5/22/12
Madrone along USFS33, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
The poppies were open at the Agness post office. The few folks I met were less so.
Agness poppies, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
One of my aims was to hike the Lower Rogue trail, but it is 11 miles one way. I tried to go halfway from both directions, but with the car trouble and beer belly, there are about 6 miles in the middle I never saw. The parking area is the old elementary school, now the community library.
Slide at Agness school, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
Finally on the trail:
Up cypress, Andrew D. Barron©5/27/12
That shot was a reference to other photographs and ideas I’ve had. From November 2010 one day way up Euchre Creek:
Cypress tree twin, Curry County Oregon, Andrew D. Barron ©11/2/10
11/02/10 blog excerpt: There was a twin cypress tree at my dad’s place as a kid. I went in for this shot, referencing this shot from Reno and also this shot from Tennessee. But I walked around behind and with the flash on, surprised myself.

I lagged getting the film processed, but there were reasons. This roll was cursed: I broke it out of the canister at the last frame. After successfully getting out using a film changing bag, there was a delay at the lab. I always get my slide film uncut and unmounted, but something went wrong this time (I probably forgot). I prefer the strip of film to the slide mounts. I will have to be more careful because this last frame did not return and the word is, lost forever. It was a nice shot. At least I have a low-res scan for my efforts. I held up a circular polarizer and UV filter in front of the Summitar lens (it takes weird slip on filters I don’t have).
The Rogue below Agness, Andrew D. Barron©5/20/12

Monday, July 9, 2012


South Reno, NV, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
Eleven of us piled into this rig and made the trip up to Tahoe for the 4th. Since the time I left Oregon, I have been pointing the camera at people. I seem to have settled on some really nice film cameras and some very nice Kodak films. I often wondered how things might slow down and/or evolve. Looking back only a year ago, it does seem abrupt that I am sitting under a mountain of negatives. It was August last year that I first loaded film into a Konica Autoreflex T and began this leg.

I am often stingy with frames, especially with the Hasselblad. I shoot more Leica frames. But some days, I do remember what I like about digital photography, and on the Fourth, I photographed my friend Jay’s family with the infrared dslr.
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
At Tahoe, Andrew D. Barron©7/4/12
It was super crowded on the beach and I opted to put my cameras away and enjoy the fireworks. The one-day-past-full moon rose up through the show. I was a little bummed I didn’t even try to shoot it on film. Next time.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

South Reno, NV, Andrew D. Barron©7/8/12
South Reno, NV, Andrew D. Barron©7/8/12

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nikkor Bokeh: southern Oregon

Ophir beach, Andrew D. Barron ©5/7/12
When I first got to Ophir again in 2009, I was filled with wonder for the place and for photography. Here are two photos I took on one of my first walks.
Greggs Creek, Andrew D. Barron ©11/20/09
Greggs Creek, Andrew D. Barron ©11/20/09
I noticed the same driftwood on my last walk before leaving Ophir while shooting my beloved Nikomat FT2.
Greggs Creek, Andrew D. Barron ©5/7/12
Greggs Creek, Andrew D. Barron ©5/7/12

Lobster creek bridge over the Rogue, Andrew D. Barron ©5/9/12
Lobster creek bridge over the Rogue, Andrew D. Barron ©5/9/12
Sweet Fern
Sweet fern, Andrew D. Barron ©5/9/12
Upriver sunset.
Iris, Andrew D. Barron ©5/9/12
I just got back from watching the wonderful new Wes Anderson movie, Moonlight Kingdom. When I got home, the last two rolls of slide film were finished. I really like the service I get from thedarkroom.com and have been sending them all of my E-6 and black and white film.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early June

I was having fun with my IIIf as an everyday camera. Here are more photos from that roll. After all of the tire trouble I’ve had since 50,000 miles, the first stop was Reno’s used tire place. I managed to wrangle a free tire rotation from the guy.
Ray's used tires, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
They have a huge rickety warehouse they cruise to on golf carts.
Ray's used tires, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
Later I went to the fence I liked so much at Marsh & Nixon. Even this pile was no longer on July 3rd.
Cedar fence, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
On Arlington there is a motel called the El Cortez.
El Cortez, Reno, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
I suppose slowly is the only way I will get through the shoot with BreAnna.
Model BreAnna, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
The location itself was also cool.
Old Reno homeplace, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12
Once inside:
Old Reno homeplace, Andrew D. Barron ©6/x/12

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Like now, a year ago I was in Reno. For the holiday, I went with some friends to Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe, (this blog).

I find myself an un-proud UNR alumni. The Mackay School of Mines was a very good education and my professors were mostly outstanding. It has everything to do with me arriving here in 2002 with a very specific goal and leaving without it. It has taken a lot of time to gain perspective about the wonderful things that began to happen during that time. Most prominent was the acceleration of my musical pursuits. I have something like 10 or 15 bandmates in Reno. (See that blog). It’s been fun to say, “Hey, let’s start a band!” I wonder how serious I am. I did an open mic last Saturday. It went okay, but the crowd was very thin (I went last). I met a guy who had the same rare pickup system I have in a guitar I don’t play, the Trance Amulet. His name was Lenny and he played a sweet Martin parlor guitar. In early August I plan to have my Santa Cruz D model repaired if possible.

resurrected Santa Cruz D model, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11Santa Cruz D model #2987, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11
Trance Audio stereo piezo pickups in Santa Cruz D model, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11Trance Audio stereo piezo pickups in Santa Cruz D model, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11

As it was, I played my HD28 and it was not eq’d properly at all. Shaving off the bass to prevent feedback is one thing. As it was, I would have been better to play without amplification.

I am very busy with an office jobby-job and some very cool things have been happening. I have drifted a little far from photography. Even though I anticipated this, I am still having a tough time with not shooting daily. One thing about Reno is that the light is harsh for most of the day. My only ideas so far is to shoot a series of vintage motels. I’ve been scouting locations since I arrived. That will probably be with the Leica IIIf on Ektar100. The window of good light is very narrow, so I will have to be considerably more together than I have been to date.

I live in a completely different part of this metropolis and near the office. Here’s some shots from this morning, July the 4th.
South Reno, Andrew D. Barron ©7/4/12
South Reno, Andrew D. Barron ©7/4/12
Zooming a little. I used to live near the base of Peavine Peak in the distance (and to the left). It is
South Reno, Andrew D. Barron ©7/4/12
This is where the sun sets:
South Reno, Andrew D. Barron ©6/28/12

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